Panel Management

Optimize Replies and Streamline Your Operations

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Panel Management Solutions Improve Responses 

Confirmit's Panel Management solutions provide your panel members with a great experience, maximizing the quantity and quality of their responses while streamlining your panel management operations. Confirmit's feature-rich panel management solutions enable you to:

  • Fully customize your panels with your company style and branding
  • Build reward and incentive programs
  • Extend and integrate your panels for more personalization

Professional Panel

Coordinate Large Panels Seamlessly

Professional Panel gives you the power, flexibility, and scalability to build and manage large panels that span a wide range of segments. With Professional Panel you can manage day-to-day panel tasks, such as collecting and editing profile data, sample selection, and data import/export. And, you can seamlessly engage on-the-go panelists via any mobile device.


Standard Panel

Access Straightforward Panel Management Tools 

Standard Panel provides simpler functionality for wider usability. With the same level of reliability and scalability as the Professional Panel, our Standard Panel module is streamlined to provide an easier solution for ad-hoc or basic tasks.


How Do I Get Started?

Ready to find out more about how Confirmit's panel management software can help drive your business forward? We're incredibly proud of our panel management tool and we'd love to show you more. Tell us a bit about your company and we’ll show you how we can help you meet your business objectives today – and in the future.

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Quality & Reliability

Maximize Value by Engaging Your Panelists

The ability to build and maintain a high-quality sample is critical to any Market Research or panel business. Panels are a highly valuable asset. When they are managed well, panelists feel that they are treated as individuals, enhancing engagement and generating greater value.


Greater Insight

Faster Results Enable More Client Innovations

Clients demand increasingly speedy turn-around on projects. You need to supply high-quality sample quickly to meet their needs. Gain better insight more quickly to drive new product ideas, improve your service, and innovate.


Flexible & Scalable

Panel Management Grows with You

Whether your panels are big or small today, Confirmit's panel management software is highly flexible and scalable to meet your evolving business needs.


Process Automation

Sustain Consistent High-Quality Samples

Maintaining a high-quality panel is a challenge for any panel manager. You need to establish automated processes to maintain and sustain high levels of quality sample.