Warm Embrace or About Face - How Social Should You Be?

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Author Bio

Social media has opened up a world of opportunity for researchers to gain valuable insight into their markets. This new domain of research presents businesses with previously untapped data which can reveal hidden trends or insights. Inevitably the adoption of social media research by mainstream users is rapidly gaining pace. According the 2013 Retail Industry Outlook Survey conducted by KPMG, 71% of leading retail executives cite social media as having a significant impact on their business.



Market research has to adapt as the dynamics of the audiences change and the markets evolve. Increasingly, research activities need to deliver a more holistic view of the market, and this includes customer and employee views as well as consumer opinions. Social media can play a role in broadening the perspective of research in many different ways, and this presentation will explore some of these.

In this webinar, Terry Lawlor, EVP, Product Management, explored the different roles that social media play in gathering feedback and insight from different audiences for different use cases.