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Confirmit expands SaaS and Cloud platforms

You often hear from Confirmit about the innovative new features we’re continually delivering to our clients to help them achieve their goals. From new digital channels to developments that give researchers the tools to better meet client needs. And, of course, you’ll hear about our expertise in partnering with customers to help them implement their customer experience and employee experience programs.

What you hear far less about is the infrastructure that underpins all this, namely our SaaS and Cloud platforms. These platforms are managed and monitored 24/7 by our truly committed SaaS Operations Teams in Europe and in the US. They host the software you access via the web and allow us to provide our users with industry leading response times, availability and security.

Over the past few years, we’ve expanded our range of platforms to offer more geographic choices and better performance. On top of our long-standing US and UK SaaS sites, we added a new SaaS location in Australia to support the APAC region. More recently, we added our first Cloud offering, in Canada, partnering with Microsoft Azure.

Last month, we extended our offering further by adding another Cloud environment, this time in Germany. This provides our clients an additional choice when deciding where to store and process information, backed by Microsoft Azure and their extensive Security, Privacy and Compliance capabilities.

Why another offering in Europe? By adding Germany to our toolkit of sites, our clients will be able to store and process client data within the borders of the European Union. Some of you have been asking for this, and this latest offering expands our ability to support our customers’ compliance requirements. That said, those of you operating on our SaaS platform hosted in the UK have nothing to worry about in relation to Brexit, since storing and processing of EU / EEA personal data in the UK is fully permitted until the end of 2020 (ref: this communication from the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office). During 2020 the UK will be negotiating agreements with the EU, including agreements in relation to data transfers and data processing, and which will apply after the end of the transition period. We will keep on top of events and will ensure our offering remains compliant with both GDPR and UK legislation.

It’s always exciting to add new sites to our toolbox and thus provide more choice and flexibility to our customers. Confirmit remains committed to providing industry leading uptime and performance, just as we have for the last five years in which we have delivered a combined uptime of 99.995% for our SaaS and Cloud sites and a perfect 100% uptime for 2019.

We are confident we will meet and exceed our high standards in Germany as well!

If you’d like to learn more about any of the sites we operate, get in touch with your Account Manager who’ll be delighted to help.