Inaugural Toast and Talk was a Hit!

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Author Bio

Confirmit inaugural Toast and Talk event

Late last month, Confirmit kicked off the last few months of the year with our first ever, customer-only Toast and Talk event. What is a Toast and Talk, you ask? It’s only the greatest virtual networking and happy hour event, focused on topics relevant to our clients in customer experience and Market Research. And for those that wanted to make it a true happy hour we mailed them kits to make margaritas at home.

Our first event was hosted by Jessica Buffenstein, a Confirmit CX Consultant, based out of Denver. We gathered a group of clients and invited them to an evening of conversation around the future of CX. With the impact of Covid, we wanted to dig into the challenges people were facing and share innovative ideas to help their peers solve these challenges and an amazing conversation unfolded!

We started the discussion on a positive note and asked the attendees to share a silver lining that has come out of “Covid times”. Surprisingly, there were a lot of stories to be shared. I honestly thought the attendees would just naturally end up talking about challenges but even when we asked about challenges the conversation kept going back to the things they had learned, new insights gathered, and a new respect for what they do every day.

Many CX pros attending the event shared that their survey response rates have increased since Covid restrictions were in place. Others reported that in their vertical, response rates were down, but the responses that were coming in were much more complete, and more insights were able to be gleaned from these comprehensive responses.

One of our insurance clients is leveraging mobile feedback collection to do virtual claims submissions and collecting key pieces of information from the customer within the app, while seeing their home in a safe, contactless manner. Covid has forced the rapid transition to digital for our clients. Many had it in their plans, but were taking their time. Luckily our digital solution is easy to get up and running and many clients talked about this being a game changer for them.

My biggest take away from the evening came from a success story that one of our insurance clients shared, and it was a silver lining CX pros have spent years trying to achieve. Finally, CX is starting to get the exec level attention it deserves. Many expressed how the exec team is now understanding that managing the customer experience is critical to financial solvency. And now that we have their attention we have to keep it – a perfect topic for our next Talk and Toast. Let me know if you’d like to join us!