The Confirmit 2020 ACE Awards: Deadline Extension

Laura Button

Laura Button

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Author Bio

The ACE Awards deadline has extended to Tuesday 31st March

We realize that most businesses are having to re-assess their priorities as the impact of the current pandemic becomes clearer. To assist in a small way with this, we are giving entrants to the ACE Awards some extra time to refine their submissions. We’re extending the ACE Awards deadline again - the new date to put in your diary is Tuesday 31st March.

So far we’ve had a great response to the Confirmit ACE Awards. In case you missed it and are only just joining us, it's the 15th anniversary, and this year the awards have evolved to include 2 new categories. For 2020 Confirmit is introducing a new Professional of the Year category. We encourage dedicated Customer Experience practitioners or those who have taken on CX as part of a wider role to enter. Digital Success is another new category, specifically for those capturing feedback through channels that enhance the digital experience.

What makes a great submission?
The judges want to hear your story. The submission forms are pretty open to enable you to describe everything you need to tell us in the way that suits you.

We can suggest a few tips, though:

  1. Keep it clear and concise. Detail is good, but make sure it adds value.
  2. Our judges like numbers. Especially financial metrics and revenue increases. Include quantitative and qualitative evidence for the ultimate validation.
  3. Include your stakeholders involved along the journey. How is your work impacting the rest of the business?

Winning a Confirmit ACE Award is not just a 'nice to have', but brings many benefits to your business. Take advantage of this extended opportunity to enter the 2020 ACE Awards. All the nitty-gritty that you need to enter the ACE Awards can be found here.

Submit your ACE Awards entry by the new deadline, Tuesday 31st March. Good luck!