Making Waves: Why Long Term Relationships are at the Heart of our Success

Carolyn Hall

Carolyn Hall

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An established member of the Confirmit team, Carolyn plays an integral role in promoting Confirmit’s world leading solutions for Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee, and Market Research programmes to its global customer base. Confirmit is dedicated to ensuring that its solutions deliver business change and value and Carolyn is instrumental in sharing best practice and thought leadership with customers, partners and the analyst community.

Author Bio

Confirmit named a Leader in The Forrester Wave 2020

You might have seen the news by now (I admit we’ve been shouting about it quite a bit), Confirmit has been named a Leader in the just-launched report; The Forrester Wave™ Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q1 2020. For obvious reasons, we’re very pleased about it – high fives all round, etc.

The thing is, though, our success isn’t really about being named a leader in an analyst report. It is all in our customers’ successes. One of the things that was stated in the Forrester report (you’ve not read it yet? Well, click here!) was that Confirmit has the longest relationships with its reference customers of all the vendors they evaluated. With an average tenure of over eight years, it’s safe to say that we’re in very committed relationships with the people we work with.

Obviously this is in part down to our technology. We have amazing R&D teams, product management, implementation gurus, and top notch geeks to ensure that Confirmit Horizons meets the needs of our customers. We think some of the cool digital and AI-based innovations that we’ve made to the platform over the last in year in particular were certainly central to the Forrester Wave result. They loved our data collection and analytics tools too – but they’re only human. How could they not?!

The technology isn’t everything though. It’s not the sole reason that we were named a Leader in the report, and it’s not the reason that clients stick with us for the better part of a decade. A lot of it is about our people. In the report we received the highest score possible in the professionalism criterion, that is, how we conduct ourselves in a range of situations. Luckily it seems the don’t deduct points for terrible singing at the annual holiday party or appalling dancing at the kick off events. Still, even on those occasions, you can’t fault the enthusiasm…

Also on the people front, the report notes that Confirmit is a great partner for firms looking for either DIY or managed service solutions and for firms that want to embrace the power of EX and VoE. Again, people as well as the tech. And while we have a great services team and outstanding consultants (with a lot of experience, despite their youthful appearance…well, in some cases), we’re also very happy to let clients take the technology and run with it. Most of our customers take advantage of our flexible way of working. Use our services when they need them, and do their own thing when they don’t. Makes sense to us. Weird that not everyone does it, to be honest.

In the interests of balance and to avoid the appearance of smugness, I should admit there are things we’re not great at. The London office’s attempts to keep desk plants alive is frankly pathetic, and some of the New York team get embarrassingly competitive at Beer Pong and any other bar-based game. Although we do have a guy who can balance a pint of beer on his head and dance to Livin’ on a Prayer without spilling a drop! Not a points-scoring area for most analyst firms, though.

Anyway. To all our clients, particularly those who were involved in the Forrester Wave assessment, a huge thank you for being such fun to work with. We’re proud to be your partner. If you’re not a customer, maybe give us a call. We’re always ready to make some new friends.