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Confirmit Team

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Ebook on Confirmit's Voice of the Customer (VOC) program

Customers are the heart and soul of every organization. As a company grows, it becomes increasingly important to streamline processes while improving the customer experience.



Voice of the Customer: An Overview

Customer feedback is extremely important to the modern business. Not only does it represent the most valuable arbiter of  future financial performance for an organization, but if nurtured  appropriately, it can also provide an unrivalled source of innovative  ideas that will help to deliver the outstanding experiences that customers demand.

The challenge that brands face, however, is that this customer feedback is coming thick and fast, across multiple channels, in both structured and unstructured form. Making sense of it and transforming it into a driver for effective change with tangible outcomes can become overwhelming very quickly. For this reason, a robust VoC program offers organizations the best opportunity to accurately and effectively tap into this valuable source of feedback.

A robust program must include:

  • Multi-channel solution to collect feedback at key touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Text and Social Analytics to automate the analysis of comments and sentiment
  • Powerful reporting and analysis to deliver meaningful data to the right people at the right time
  • Action Management to coordinate, automate, and standardize customer experience improvement actions organization-wide
  • Integration with other business systems to provide context and eliminate redundant data entry

In this eBook, we’ll provide an overview of the problems many companies face and show you how Confirmit’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are the solution to your business needs.