What is Customer Experience Management (CEM) Software?

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Confirmit’s dedicated teams work to deliver world-leading customer experience, Voice of the Employee and Market Research solutions. 

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What is customer experience management software

CEM software – or Customer Experience Management software - refers to the suite of software solutions that help organizations monitor their relationships with their customers, analyze the insights from feedback and other relevant data (e.g. behavioral, purchase history), and take action in order to improve the customer experience.

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How Does CEM Software Helps your Business?

This type of software represents an invaluable tool for companies in their efforts to measure their customers’ loyalty, understand how best to respond to their requirements, and ultimately take the necessary actions needed to retain them and drive better business outcomes. Often known as Voice of the Customer software, customer experience management systems have become the norm over the past 2 decades, and are central to the ability for CX leaders in their market to differentiate themselves based on customer experience.

What Are the Key Features of a CEM Software Solution?

CEM software is usually composed of solutions that enable companies to:

  • Collect feedback from customers, through a variety of channels
  • Combine this feedback with relevant external sources (e.g. CRM)
  • Analyze the data to derive meaningful insights
  • Take action on the insights to improve customer experiences and drive business change

Confirmit’s CEM software solutions help its clients build word-class, multi-lingual, multi-channel CX management programs. But what truly differentiates solutions like ours is how it goes beyond data and insights, and drives business change with tangible results.

How Does CEM Software Compare with CRM Software?

Customer Experience solutions focus on measuring the customer experience, helping organizations to improve loyalty by listening to their customers in a systematic way and producing the insights needed to drive the right actions, the right improvements – those that generate positive business outcomes.

CRM software on the other hand focuses on managing communications with customers. It does so by tracking leads, maintaining contact records, engaging with prospects and customers, etc. CRM solutions often integrate with marketing automation applications to manage engagement through various channels.

Although separate in nature, CEM and CRM software should be linked and leverage data off each other. For example, you should be able to display a client’s NPS® score in the account record of your CRM application, and you should be able to design your CX survey in your CEM solution so it goes to the right clients, based on revenue figures from your CRM data.

Which Are the Key CEM Software Metrics?

Typical CEM software metrics include the following:

No matter what metric(s) you choose, and although it’s important to choose wisely based on your business objectives, remember that it’s not about the score. CX leaders use metrics wisely to:

  • Understand trends
  • Identify at-risk customers
  • Create a link between them and business KPIs, such as customer retention or revenue from positive word of mouth

How Can Confirmit Help You?

Confirmit enables organizations like yours to develop and implement Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement and Market Research programs that deliver insight and drive business change. Confirmit’s clients create multi-channel, multi-lingual feedback and research programs that engage customers, empower employees, deliver a compelling respondent experience, and provide high Return on Investment.

Confirmit SaaS solutions provide the power to listen to the Voice of the Customer, integrate it with financial, operational and free-form text data to generate powerful insight, and take action that will deliver effective business change and create competitive advantage.

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