Business Success Despite the Global Pandemic

COVID-19 changed so many things in our world beginning in March 2020. Among them, it changed when we could leave our homes, where we went when we did, how we purchased what we needed to live, and how all this was delivered to us. The pandemic also changed the way savvy companies like Best Buy responded to customers’ dynamic behaviors. In this webinar, we will cover:
  • Best-in-class ways that business was managed during the pandemic
  • Changes in customers’ demands during this time
  • Changes in how companies had to react, sometimes in mere days
  • How the CX team responded to new insights and helped guide the organization
  • And how CX and business metrics improved as a result, despite the pandemic challenges
We’ll conclude with some thoughts on the future (post-COVID-19) environment. Hope you’ll join and be a part of this compelling discussion.